Shasta BV is a member of the Champ Fungi Group of companies. With the BBOS concept,Shasta BV works with partner companies, such as mushroom substrate producers,to distribute and export button mushroom compost to third parties and/or to license its BBOS concept on a country by country basis.Champ Fungi Group of companies (established in 2001) has its main activities in Southeast Asia. Its main focus is on High Tech Farming, with an integrated concept from “farm to shelf”. Fresh produce is farmed and then delivered in less than 24 hours to the consumer "shelf". In most countries it farms, picks, packs, distributes, markets and sells its own fresh produce.The main product lines are fresh mushrooms and salads.The Group currently operates in Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines and exports its products to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The CF Group employs about 400 employees in different subsidiaries. Every subsidiary is managed by an entrepreneur who is a shareholder in the business.
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