BBOS : Big Bales of Substrate

This unique process makes it possible to have large volumes of mushroom substrate (phase 3 compost) pressed in bales of 1,500 kg (on pallets) which can then be transported cost effectively worldwide. On a country to country basis Shasta BV can either license the technology and/or we can export/distribute phase 3 compost to button mushroom farms worldwide. This new patented technology, BBOS, reduces costs in several ways. By operating with big bales, instead of the more traditional small blocks, we can save transportation cost and cooling cost. Further, at the receiving end, handling costs are strongly reduced, by using a forklift for unloading big bales instead of unloading and handling many small blocks. BBOS translates directly into cost savings and increased efficiencies which makes it possible to import phase 3 substrate and to cultivate button mushrooms without making a multimillion US$ investment in a compost yard.

Shi-itake & Oyster logs

From our production facility in the Philippines we export shi-itake and oyster logs. These logs are about 1 kg per log. Together with the customer we decide on which spawn type is the most suitable for the local market segment.For further product inquires, such as cost and expected yields please contact:
[email protected]